Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Creations!!

I just listed some of my new creation on Etsy shop last night.

Every time I have new listings, I get excited about how many people will come across my creations, and how many people will like(heart) those.

Swarovski Heart and Silver Chain Earring

Red Diamond Ball Earring

Swarovski Pearl Bracelet
Swarovski Pure Bracelet
Green and Silver Bib Necklace
I have some more jewelry that I listed on Etsy .

Now I'm off to make more jewelry (^o^)


  1. great blog, those jewelries are amazing! hope to see more of your post.. come drop by my blog if you have time and maybe follow each other ;)

  2. How awesome! I would love to check out your stuff! Maybe blog about it so I can help you out! Thanks for coming by my page. Email me if you'd like I'd be more than happy to promote you :]