Thursday, July 7, 2011

Today's Dinner: Vietnamese chicken salad!

     I live with my fiance and his families who are Vietnamese.
     I've lived with them for almost 2 years,
and I've been eating quite lots of kind of Vietnamese food.

     This is one of my favorite Vietnamese food I've eaten.
Vietnamese chicken salad

     It got chicken, shrimp, carrots, onions, some kinds of herbs, lotus roots, roasted peanuts, and so on.  
     It is sooooo good, I love the dressing which consists from fish sauce, sweet and sour sauce, and so on that I don't really know...
    It is so tasty at the same time so healthy, because of the variety of veggies and chicken is leaner than most of the main protein, right?
    I don't really like to eat chicken because I work at a Japanese restaurant where we get chicken teriyaki meal for lunch every time I work... I just got tired of eating chicken. Still like fried chicken

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  1. Take out the onions and the shrimp and we're good! Looks deliciously light yet fulfilling!

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