Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Japan Trip in Kyoto

Kyoto... they say to visit at least once if you are in Japan.
Kyoto is the old traditional city where there are a lot of old temples, shrines, and buildings.


Japan Trip in Tokyo

It's been over a week since we arrived in Japan.
Yes, Ken's first trip and first visit to Japan.

He is almost 1 year-old, at the LAX airport.

Ken did great in an airplane.
He found two cute little girls to play in the

I just missed the opportunity to sleep so I couldn't sleep at all in the plane.
Oh well... I should've slept while Ken was sleeping...

In Tokyo, we went to Odaiba Palette Town, Tsukiji (fish market), and had dinner with my husband's cousin who is stationed in Yokosuka base.
A ferris wheel in Palette Town
Arcade in Palette Town


We went to Kichijoji city to have dinner with famil;)