Monday, June 9, 2014

Welcome To The World, Emma!!

She waited for over 40 weeks to come out of me. 
She must have been very comfortable there....hahaha
My tummy had been stretched to the max and gotten a lot of stretch marks.
I had rather not have any stretch marks if I could choose to, but I'm fine with having some stretch marks in the end.
Even though it looks ugly to someone, it doesn't look that ugly to me. 
Those marks will always remind of me being a mom and being a mom is the best thing I could ask for.

Anyway back to my pretty precious daughter, Emma.

She was born in June 4th, 2014, almost a week after the due date.
8lb 5oz, 20 inch, a big girl :)

Look at her arm and cheeks!!
Chubby and cute :)

Next day, my husband brought Ken who is now a big brother.
Yesterday was the first day for him to meet his little sister, and as soon as he saw her, he put his big smile on his face, pointing at her and said "ah~~~"
He seems to have fell in love with her just like everybody else did in our family.
He kept rubbing her head :)

Such a precious moment...

As we were kinda expected (since our first boy was the same) she had a high level of jaundice.
She is currently in a hospital.
We have been here for two nights.
Her level is getting lower and lower so hopefully we get to go home today.

I miss my boys (husband and Ken).
My husband said Ken asks for me every morning.
Awww... my forever baby boy Ken... ;(

Emma is eating well and pooping well so she should get better soon!!!

Again welcome to the world, and thank you, Emma, for choosing me as your mom and choosing us to be your family :)

Sunday, June 1, 2014

My Second Pregnancy: Part 2 and last hopefully...

First off....
I thought my due date was July 1, but last Friday, my doctor told me that my due is "today" meaning May 30....
So, officially, I'm past due date.
I guess she (Emma) is not yet ready to come

Here is my hopefully last pregnant tummy photo.
40 weeks of pregnancy
Photo from last blog post (36 weeks of pregnancy)

I had always thought she would have come out earlier than my due date, I don't know why I thought that way, but she is still waiting for the best time, I guess :)

Contractions are frequent now but nothing major.... 
Doctor told me the progress was the same from the last doctor visit. 

I've been having hard time sleeping through the night, well, if you are pregnant, you cannot expect to sleep thought the night since you need to go to restrooms frequently.
But since my tummy is so big and heavy, I cannot find a good position to sleep comfortably.

I hope she will come out soon, otherwise I have to be induced or go through c-section... 
We will see :-)