About Me

Hi, I am Hitomi Tsunematsu who soon to be Hitomi Tran!! How exiting!!
I was born in Kumamoto prefecture, Japan and spend over a decade there, and moved to Fukuoka, Japan for a college and work.
When I was 25 years old, I decided to study English in U.S., because I wanted to work at a hotel as a concierge . I wanted to go to west coast because of the nice weather,  and I loved surfing, so I decided to come here, San Diego, where is not too big and not too small city. I'd fell in love with San Diego!!
I graduated from a college in Spring 2011, and currently do nothing but making jewelry and all the fun stuff.

I love making jewelry, some accessories.
I grew up watching my mom knitting, sewing, and doing other crafty things, so I automatically started doing the same things. I started making jewelry in 2011, and I love it so much!!!