Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Birthday Party~~

We had a birth day party last night for our three friends whose birthdays are in this month. 

The theme is Vietnamese!!! 
We had great handmade Vietnamese food~~

We made own shrimp and pork spring rolls,

And, my Vietnamese friend made Pho from scratch which was so great!!

The pho was so great! 
One of my girl friends ate 2 big bowls of pho!!

Then, birthday cake!!
Happy Birthday Peter, Yohei, and Ming!! 

Ice cream cake!! delicious
I had a really great night! 
I wish them happy birthday again!! 
and I wish all ,whose birthday is in this month, happy birthday ;>



  1. New follower here! the pho looks amazing! totally makes me hungry!!

  2. looove the cake :):)