Friday, July 29, 2011

My candles~!

I love those candles that I got at Bath and Body Works.
I love Bath and Body Works!!

I have some body lotions from there, maybe I will talk about them later.

So, I have three kinds of candle so far.

  • Island Margarita
  • Caribbean Escape
  • Seaside Escape
Those are from SLATKIN & Co. 

First of all, Seaside Escape.
I love this the most out of three.

It has a blend of citrus, jasmine, rum, guava, vanilla, and musk.

I can smell a hint of vanilla, jasmine, and some exotic scent.
I feel like I am walking along seaside in a island somewhere..

Next, Island Margarita.  

This smells great too!
I has a blend of mandarin, blue iris, plum, and sweet tangelo, and sandalwood.

I definitely smell sandalwood, and sweet citrus like combination of tangerine, grapefruit and other orange-y smell.

When I smell it directly, it smells like a typical public bathroom in Japan.... which I don't like. But when it is lite, its scent is softer and better!!

The last but not least, Caribbean Escape.

It has "a sweet tropical blend of melon, raspberry nectar, and Italian lemon tempered with creamy coconut milk and raw sugarcane".

This is so sweet and strong scent which I love!
I can smell coconut and nectar that bring sweetness to it in great way.

I like candles because favorite scents make me calm and happy.
I can't wait to get more scent!

Please let me know your favorite scent.
I want to try more!


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