Friday, July 8, 2011

Las Vegas 4th of July 2011

I went to Vegas on the weekend of July 4th, which was last week.
wow, it's been a week already since we went there....
Time flies..  

So we drove them it took about 5 hours from San Diego. 
Driving wasn't that bad, since my fiance and I took turn driving. 
We arrived at Bellagio Hotel at 11:00 on Sat.
Since his parents wanted to watch the fountain show at 12:00 there, we walked around the Hotel for taking pictures and killing time until the show stated.

I had watched the fountain show a couple of time before, but I hadn't seen it daytime. 
It was amazing. 
I'd thought it would have been the same and not that special.
I don't know if it was because of the 4th of July weekend, the fountain seemed way better than the ones I'd seen before.

We stayed Golden Nudget. 

The room was nice, but the parking was horrible!!!
Since it was 4th of July weekend, parking structure was packed!!!!
We drove around for 45 mins but still couldn't find a spot. 
So we went for valet parking but they were also full.  
Finally we parked at a spot for valet that they said they didn't even use. 
That was ridiculous. 

But over all that was nice weekend.

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