Saturday, July 23, 2011

Movie night: Battle: Los Angeles

 We, my fiance and I, sometimes watch blue-ray movies at home, sometimes with other family members on Friday night. 

This time, we watched "Battle: Los Angeles".
I kinda knew what was going to happen from the review we saw so many times at a movie theater. 

It is another alien invasion story, just like "Independence Day" which I like. 
But this movie is more intense in the battle field. 
I felt like I was on the battle field with those marines. 

Even though this is a three-star-movie, I loved it.
Aaron Eckhart is a great actor that captivated me throughout the movie.
If there weren't Aaron, it couldn't have been this good, I think.
I cried some times during the movie, this fact doesn't make this movie great, because I cry frequently... 
In fact, I shed tears even I see cutest things, like babies, dogs, animals....

I don't wanna give away all the story. 
This made me proud of military who are working hard to protect the country.... maybe that's exactly what they want us to think....
Oh, well... I like it anyway.
I will watch it again. 

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