Monday, July 11, 2011

My PC is down!!!

It seems to be something wrong with my lovely PC....

I woke up in this morning, and turn on the PC, it started making noises inside my hard drive.
So currently I'm using my fiance's msi notebook.....
The screen was so small, so he connected the notebook to my desktop screen, so that I can till use notebook with bigger screen.

I'm worried that I might have to give up all my data in my PC, if the harddrive is broken.
I should've made backup of my data......
I have not only pictures of my creations but also my private pictures that I accumulated for maybe 10 years...
I hope I don't have to loose those data.

Well, all I can do is to wait for my fiance to come home from work and have him  check my PC.
I'm lucky having him who is competent to computer stuff.

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