Monday, July 25, 2011

My wish has been promised lol,,!!

One of my dream is to have a dog, Yorkshire Terrier exact.
I've been asking my fiance for a quite long time.

Then 5 mins ago, I emailed him with this photo attached,
Isn't she cute????
My effort has prevailed!!!!

He made a promise to get one as soon as we are done with everything regarding our marital paperwork.
Some of you will think that won't take that long, but considering me as Japanese, it will take so long to process paperwork... for instance green card.

I'm so excited to meet my future baby dog!!

Stay tuned!!! 


  1. I can understand you, I also wished a dog when I was child, but we didn´t have good conditions for it, so I wish you good luck for get your dream baby dog:)

  2. Oh! I have always wanted one of those dogs too! You must post pics when your wish comes true!!!

  3. To evie,
    I'm sorry for you didn't get to have a dog.
    Thank you for the wish:)

    To LULObird,
    I will post pics of my future dog!