Friday, July 22, 2011

I finally got a storage for my favorites!!

I love to read!
I am a book worm....

There used to be boxes filled with books stacking up in corner of my room. 
I just didn't have anything rather than boxes to storage my books.
But the other day, I traded my surfboard to this precious book cases!! 
So I finally had time to organize my books this morning.
I haven't figured out the way to organize books better yet. 

Should I organize alphabetically, or based on the categories? 

I have more books at my house in Japan.
I'm so excited to bring them all next time I go home, even though I will need to get more book cases to organize them.

My dream is to have books filled with a wall!
Just like this:)
or it will be my ultimatum dream to have a library in my house!
Like this!!!

I have no means of opposing e-book.
I think e-book will be great when you go for a trip, or even when you go out. 
I even want to have one some day. 
But I will still keep buying actual books as long as they are published. 

My deepest fear is that someday printed books will not be published or be so expensive to get...
I surely hope not.


  1. I love to read too! My sister bought me a kindle for my last birthday but I still buy "regular" books! Ikea is where I have been buy most of my shelving. I am a little bit of a freak tho and I organize according to color! ha!

  2. evie..
    Thank you:)

    Organizing by color sounds great.
    Maybe I will try:)
    Thank you for the tip!