Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Semi-precious stone : Agate

Agate: protection, healing 
This is the stone known to be one of the oldest stones in the gemstone history. Everyone should have this stone for protection. 
Agate stones protect from bad dreams, stress, and energy drains. 
And it helps the wearer welcome change with open arms.
If you have to make an important decision, you may want to carry an agate so that the decision will be just and fair.
This stone doesn't give any energy but instead absorbs all the forces that take away energy. 

And wearing an agate is said to protects children from major injuries.

In the old days, agate was used to keep a person focused on his/her goals in life. 
When you want to possess all the good qualities like being courageous, sensible, and convincing, you should try wearing agate. Agate will bring all of these qualities into the wearer. 

Agate jewelries
Orange earrings 
Red Agate earrings 
Multi-strand Agate and Carnelian Pendant necklace