Monday, January 30, 2012

Sweets Forest

There is some kind of food court for deserts in Jiyuugaoka.
It is called "Sweets Forest".

I love sweets and chocolate, so why not go there?? right?

So here we went...
Taking Tokyuu Touyoko Line, get off at Jiyuugaoka Station.
Walk for 5 minutes.
Here it is....

I was expected more for this place, but there are only about 5 shops.
One of some shops where I got a cake from

But all of the deserts looked delicious.

My husband picked this,
I forgot the name of this, but it's chocolate cake with diced ginger kind of cake...
And I got this,
Strawberry Tiramisu
The tiramisu was not too sweet and good, but I wish it had more strawberry in it...

The city is little bit off of Tokyo main area and it took more than 30 minutes for us to get there from main area.
So I wouldn't go there again.

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