Sunday, January 29, 2012

My First Family Trip: Day 2

Due to the jet lag, I woke up around 4 in the morning today.
But I felt refreshed, maybe because of the hot bath I took last night.

We left the hotel around 9 am.
We shared Chinese dish for a breakfast, and walked around Nihon Bashi, Tokyo.
(It was Saturday so we had hard time looking for a place to eat breakfast.
Of course coffee shops were open but I didn't wanna go to a coffee shop to get a breakfast....)
And we visited Akihabara which is the place for electronics, computer, comic, and costumes that Otaku (nerd) would love.
If you wanna know more detail about Akihabara, click HERE :)

Then, we met up with my great friend, who used to study in SD and now works in Tokyo.
We went sightseeing in Asakusa (浅草).
Sensoji (Buddhist temple) has a shopping street that provides
visitors with traditional and local snacks and souvenir.
We ate some snacks there which were delicious!!
**If you wanna know more about Asakusa, click HERE (^o^)

Then we stopped by at a cafe and take a break.
After that, my friend and I went shopping at two jewelry parts and tools warehouses while my husband was just chilling at a Internet cafe.

I will post what I got at the jewelry parts shops later.

Then we went to this city called Tsukishima where Tokyo's famous dish "monja yaki" restaurants are.

Monja yaki is a type of Japanese pan-fried batter with various ingredients.
My friend and I thought my husband would like it because it's entertainment to watch the food is made.
More detail of this dinner, click HERE!!

My husband loved monja yaki!!!
We had a wonderful day :)

Of course I took a bath at night while my husband was too tired even to take a shower and was sleeping.
Tomorrow will be as fun and interesting as today!!

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