Sunday, January 22, 2012

New life

Last night, my friend gave birth to a little precious boy.
I got a text message from her husband saying that she was about a couple of hours away from having a little boy.

That hit me so hard in a GREAT WAY, tears are rolling out of my eyes.
What a great message it was.
I could imagine my friend helping her precious baby coming out to this world.
Was it because I'm having a little guy in my tummy now? Or just everyone feels this amazing news so precious that he/she cannot help crying for joy?

I got a text message with pictures of him this morning.

Such a precious baby!!!

Look at him!
He is already handsome!!!!

I used to wish I was a boy.... not because I liked girls or anything.
I just thought that being a boy was easier than being a girl, you know, they don't have time of the month, they can just take off their shirts whenever it's hot...and so on.

But I found out that having a baby inside of me is the best thing I can possibly experience in my life.
I can get to feel a baby growing and moving inside.
Only women can experience the feeling.

Now I'm so happy that I was born as a girl.
And I'm so happy that I can get to be a mom of my baby.

I'm sure my friend finally got to hold him in her arms feels the same way.

I will be holding my baby in less than 4 months.
I cannot wait!!

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