Monday, January 30, 2012

My Japan Trip: Day 3

I didn't get any jet lags this time fortunately, but my husband had a little bit hard time adjusting himself here, in Japan.
He's been tired whole days, having headaches. Maybe because of this coldness.

I've been waking up early morning since yesterday, and I woke up around 5:30 this morning.
I just couldn't go back to sleep, and felt rested so well.

Day three, since I woke up early, I planned out what we were going to do today searching which subway we needed to take and direction to the places.

We were going to have breakfast somewhere in the morning, but because my husband woke up around 9:30 and took shower and bath, we skipped the breakfast and bought chicken nuggets for him and nikuman (pork bun) for me at a convenience store.
He loved nikuman.

Then we headed to "Sweets Forest" where some sweets shops were in one floor, like food court for deserts.
I was disappointed bit since this place was full off sweets and more choices, but there were only 5 shops and not as many choices as I expected.
Here is one of the shop. They look so good and cute :)
I guess this shop's theme was strawberry.

Then we went to Omotesandou (表参道).
I just wanted to check out the Omotesandou Hills which was designed by the famous Tadao Andou (安藤忠雄) who I admire so much.
It's just a huge shopping mall where you get high end clothes, shoes, and more.
                          Then we ate lunch at a tiny cafe/bar              
                          where I found from a Tokyo guide book.
                                  MADOSH! CAFE

After being full, we headed to Roppongi (六本木).

I, again, found a park in the guide book, and thought we could walk around or sit relaxing..
But since it was winter, the grass was dead and they were using the grass area as an ice skate rink....
So we just walked along the grass area.
Desert Time!!!
I found the chocolate shop, Le Chocolat de H ルショコラドゥアッシュ in Roppongi Hills which, this desert place is produced by one of the Japanese leading pastry chef.

My husband went crazy with cars...

Now today's main event, DINNER!!!
We went to this teppan yaki place "Teppanyaki Ten"
My friend recommended to us.
And they had the best beef I've ever tried.
Wagu beef is the best!!!!

For more info about this dinner, please click HERE!!

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