Sunday, January 1, 2012

Eco Emi Box: December

It's already January but I was busy taking care of the puppy last month....
So I go over last month, December's Eco Emi Box.

This month's box came in a fancy brown box with a ribbon as a holiday box.

*GreenShield Organic Free and Clear Landry Detergent by. Greenology Products (64 loads $13.76) 

1 load
"USDA Certified Organic Laundry Detergent penetrates stains and protects colors and is free and clear of fragrances and dyes. It is formulated for both High Efficiency and regular washing machines. Best of all the ingredients come from sustainable resources."
*** I will try it, good thing this is good for HE washing machine too.

*Botanical Lip Gloss in Winterberry by. Lauren Brooke cosmetiques (2ml tube $8.00)
Full size
"The very first box we ever sent out had a sample of this lip gloss and because of the amount of amazing feedback we had about this we decided a great way to end the year would be to give you a full size gloss to enjoy! Made with 100% Organic oils and natural coloring and flavors."
*Coupon code "ecodec11" for 15%off! use until Jan 15, 2012

*Whispering Pine Candle by. Wyk Cnadles (4oz $8.99)
"This scent is as friendly as the soft needles of a long-leaf pine. Wyk Candles use 100% pure soy wax made from beans farmed right here in the USA> Their wicks are crafted from 100% cotton then primed in beeswax. Wyk creates candles using only the finest of natural ingredients and all are hand poured, hand held, hand packed, elegant and smell so delicious never overbearing. 100% paraffin free."
***This smells so holiday-ish!! 
*Discount code "ECO-EMI" for 25%!! Ends on March 1, 2012

*Tnagerine lip balm by. Zambeezi ($2.95 per tube)
Full size
"Sooth and protect your lips with naturally extracted essential oils and only the finest natural organic ingredients straight from Africa! This balm has a lovely uplifting Tangerine scent and is not just amazing but with every purchase you are contributing to a fair trade product and a company that is focused on making a positive difference in Zambia Africa"
***Smells citrus-y good!

*Patterned Footies by. Meggies Functional Organics ($6.00)
"Maggie's Organics produce and provide comfortable, durable, affordable and beautiful articles of apparel and accessories made from materials that restore, sustain and enhance natural resources. Made from 80% Organic cotton"

*Jojoba and ginseng exfoliating face cleanser  (4fl oz $28.00) and Blood orange and vanilla body wash (8fl oz $18.00) by. John Masters Organics
"Herbal extracts, plant & essential oils are combined to reoxygenate and nourish the skin as they gently cleanse. Ginseng improves circulation, which can reduce fine lines and make the skin firmer. 
Created with mild botanically-based surfactants from corn and coconut, this all-over body wash foams into a creamy, rich, sulfate-free lather that gently removes dirt and oil - leaving skin soft and smooth."

*Organic raw cacao bliss by. Artisana (8oz $12.98)
"A rich, creamy, vegan chocolaty coconut spreadable nectar. Indulge guiltlessly with pure organic, raw ingredients of the highest quality. Enjoy on fruit, bread, cakes, cookies, crepes and more! Excellent in smoothies, energy bars, and anything you want to turn into sweet succulence."

*Vitamin C with Zinc Chews by. Genesis Today (30 chews $11.99)
"This is a great way to sneak in a little immune support in a chew that's so tasty--you'll forget that it does something good for you"
***I loved their Acai Chews, but this is also good.

*Organic Candy Canes by. The Natural Candy Store (1/2 lb $5.99)
"Hang them on the tree with the family, add to some hot chocolate or put them in a candy dish for all to enjoy! An organic candy with just the right amount of peppermint that make them oh so enjoyable!"
*New Customer Discount: Coupon Code "EE1211" for 10% off, expires 2/29/12


  1. I have never heard of the Eco-Emi box. Definitely want to try it out now.

    Great post.

  2. Yes!
    I highly recommend it!!
    I love it, I'm looking forward to getting one every month :)