Monday, January 2, 2012

My Pregnancy 17~20 weeks

In this 17 weeks, the amazing event happened to me.
Some of you might be able to guess....
17 weeks of pregnancy (About the size of an avocado)
Yes, I felt the baby moving!!!
That was late night or early morning, I was sleeping, and I felt something inside of my tummy...
First, I wasn't sure if that was the baby moving or my stomach..
And I went back to sleep.

Around the noon that day, I felt that again!!!
Now I was sure what I felt was my precious baby's movement!!!
I felt tear was welling up in my eyes.

In the end of 18 weeks, my husband and I went to ultrasound.
We found out the sex of our baby which is a boy!!!
In detail click here!
Finally I gained some weight!

19 weeks, Christmas week and I got a new puppy named Kuro.
***If you wanna know more about him, click here!
My tummy is getting big, and I kept feeling my boy moving.
It was a busy week taking care of the puppy.

20 weeks, yay!! I'm half way there (^o^)/
20 weeks of pregnancy ( About the length of banana)
My tummy is obviously bigger than when I was in 17 weeks!!!
My baby's movements are getting stronger and stronger.
They say he can hear outside world now.
This is amazing!!

I often talk to him... : p
And my husband puts his mouth on my tummy and talks him, too...

I've so far gained 6 pounds since I got pregnant. 
In this month, I experienced a big development in my tummy, found out the sex of my baby, and felt him inside of my tummy. These experiences are truly amazing!!
The more week passes, the more I get excited in being pregnant and raising our baby inside of my body.


  1. Congrats on a little boy! I speak from experience they are tons of fun and FULL of energy! Since my lil one turned 2 1/2 he never stops running! Enjoy the quiet slow movements he makes now, in a short time he will be running and playing like a mad man!

  2. Congradulations. I am so happy for you.

  3. To Wen,
    Thank you for the advice!
    I will keep that in mind, and be prepared :)

  4. To my mini bag,
    Thank you so much!!

  5. Congratulations on everything, I bet the puppy is fun, your son will like having a dog, kids and pets do well together, I raised my 3 kids will all sorts of animals

    Enjoy the kicking inside you :)

  6. To sweetybird09,
    Thank you!
    yes, I'm enjoying my boy kicking inside me very much :)