Saturday, January 28, 2012

My First Family Trip: Day 1

Finally this day came!!!

This is the first time that I go on a trip with my own far I have only my husband though...our baby is in my tummy... :)

I can see my family in Japan, and my husband can see my family at the first time.

In January 26, 2012.
My brother in law drove us to LAX in the morning.
And we took Singapore Airline Airbus 380 - 800 which was a huge two-story-plane.
I booked upper deck seats by the emergency door so that we could stretch out legs.
Since one of the seats was not usable at the day, we needed to change seats.
We ended up sitting on seats by the emergency door at the main deck (1st floor), well we were able to sit on the seats by the emergency door anyway.

As we were taking off, flight attendants found out... well we told them I'm almost 6 month pregnant, they hurried to ask me to change the seat, because pregnant women are not allowed to sit by the emergency door at the time of taking off and landing on. Since people who sit there might have to assist to help other to get out of the plane if something happens.

So I sat on the seat in the middle row by myself leaving my husband on the seat by the door as we took off.
As soon as we got to the safe zone, I moved back to the original seat though.

I had such a comfortable time on this huge plane, since we sat by the door we had so much space to stretch our legs, and we were by the restrooms. I didn't have to stand by restrooms waiting for the rooms to be vacant. I just sat on my seat to see if one of them was vacant.
That was so convenient since I needed to go to restroom every a couple of hours.

Also we has such good movies to watch too.
They got "Money ball", "Real Steal", and other newer movies, even though I'd already watched most of them.

The meals and service were great too.
My husband told me that we will flight with Singapore all the time from now

The flight took about 11 hours, but I felt it took shorter time that it actually took.

After we arrived Narita Airport, Tokyo, we took JR (Japan Railway) to get to a hotel we booked.
We felt the coldness coming from the outside every time doors opened.
It was so cold that we needed gloves and gloves so badly.

We stayed APA Hotel Kodenmachou which was the cheapest business hotel I could find.

Since we didn't care how big the room was, we just wanted something comfortable to sleep in with bathtub to bath in.
I will be staying this hotel for several days while we are in Tokyo.
This room is small for us who are used to live in a big space in U.S, but everything is clean; the hotel was build December, 2011...brand new!!, it has nice shampoo, conditioner, and body soap.
Shiseido brand; one of the most popular beauty company in Japan
 Look how small it is!!
There is literally no space to walk around since we got 2 big suitcases.
But the bed is big enough for two, and comfortable.

Toilet has "washlet" which cleans you after you eliminate.

We got to the room around 9:30 and took shower and bath, and went straight to bed around 10:30.
We were so tired....

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