Monday, December 26, 2011

Yay, it's a boy!!!!!

Last Monday, my husband and I went to the ultrasound.

They asked me to drink 32 oz of water within 30 minutes half hour before the ultrasound appointment.
I like drinking water, but I'd never drunk that much water in once so I had a hard time drinking it....

The ultrasound result....

It's a boy!!!

You are seeing his butt...
Hahaha.... you can see his little w****...

As the practitioner told us it was a boy, my husband said loudly "YES!!!"
He wanted a boy, not that if we had a girl he would have been disappointed.
And I wanted a boy, because lot of my friends either have boys or are having boys, so it will be fun, they can play together.
I would've been happy, either we have a boy or girl.

He is sucking his finger :)

Now, we need to think about his name.
And I will start creating a baby shower registry for him.... it's too early??

Please let me know if you have any idea on his name :)


  1. Awww. OMGosh Congrats!!! He already looks so adorable. =)

    He looks like Nathan. =)

  2. What happy, happy news!!!

    I wanted to stop by and send my you my best thoughts for a Happy Shougatu to you and your family!!!
    May this new year be filled with love, joy and peace!!


  3. To CoffeeBreakCrn,
    Thank you! Yes he is so adorable!!

    To Dana,
    Thank you for the "Happy Shougatu" wish :)

  4. Congratulations! I have 2 boys and another on the way due the same time you are. Boys are awesome and crazy! You will have a blast with him.