Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Santa came early!!

Since I've been behaving good or just been lucky, my Santa came way earlier than he is supposed to come this year...lol

Ok, detail...
I'm a housewife that stay home almost all day.
So every packages we get, I'm the one who receive them....

Last month, I went downstairs as I heard the doorbell rang, and received a package for my husband from Amazon.
The package was as big as a regular book.
I thought he ordered a book or something, and didn't think much about it.

I left the package on our bed.
As he came home from work, he rushed into the room, and said "You saw it???"
I was like, "What are you talking about??".....
"Damn, you're not supposed to see this package."
And he noticed the letter on the package said "Kindle".
I did too, but I thought it was just an advertisement.......
"Man, you know what's inside now..."
Well, thank you for pointing out the word on the package, NOW I know what is is...

And you already know what was inside, too...
Yes, it was Kindle!!!
He was going to wrap it up and put it under the tree, so I can open it ON CHRISTMAS!!

Since I already saw it, I told him "Well, I already know what I get for Christmas, can I have it right now???"

From then, I've been using it everyday.
I love it.
I love reading books.
Just like some bookworms who are against electric book readers, I was too.
I've loved the smell of books, and the feelings of the actual books, and still love them too.
But I admit that book readers are convenient.

And I love the e-Ink that kindle use, the letters are like printed letters.
I don't really like reading words on computer, it makes my eye tired.
But I never be tired from reading printed words, since the e-Ink looks exactly printed words, I don't get tired from reading them.

I still read actual books though and will be reading them in the future,
just because I love collecting them, too. Check out my book cases and dream rooms..here
And I love reading books that I love over and over again.

Thank you my Santa!!
This is one of my best Christmas present I've ever gotten :)


  1. When you said you got something from amazon-- my first thought was "she got a kindle!" hehe.
    Anyway, I think you should let him rewrap it since he did get it for you as a christmas present and suggested it =)

    Anyway, what a nice hubby.

  2. Maybe I should let him rewrap it..huh?
    Maybe I can get to feel that I get a present twice!!! lol

  3. Lol. You should make him add a little cute note-- that way you are actually get something "new". That would be cute! I like to reread books too.. You actually catch details youve somehow missed before. =) Happy Holidays

  4. I saw the kindle at target and just fell in love with it. You're so lucky. I hope I get one for Christmas.

    From blogging buddies.