Monday, December 5, 2011

My Pregnancy 13~16 weeks

It's been 4 months...
(wait, how do you convert weeks into months in pregnancy?? If I count one month each 4 weeks, I will have 10 months pregnancy, but we only have 9 months, right? where are those 4 extra weeks go?
 or how do you count month??? please let me know.)

13 weeks of pregnancy (About the size of a medium shrimp)
Anyway, in 13th weeks, Nov 10, 2011  
My husband and I went to 2nd prenatal visit.
I had an embarrassing experience there....if you wanna know what it is, please click here :)
My weight kept same as before I got pregnant.
Even though I begun to notice a little bump in my lower stomach.

14 weeks, second trimester!!!
I felt so much better. I didn't suffer from fatigue at all, in fact, I didn't feel like I was pregnant at all.
So I kept going for a walk for one hour every other day.
And I started playing volleyball again, not as extensive as I did before though....
I finally gained one pound!!!! Yay
I felt my jeans is a little bit tight in my waist, especially when I sit down.

15 weeks, it was thanksgiving week!!
I had a great time at a thanksgiving dinner, next day though, I didn't even gain any weight....what's wrong with me?? Thanks to my high metabolism... I guess.. : p

16 weeks of pregnancy (About the size of an avocado)
16 weeks.
I started eating more and more!!
YES!! My apatite came back :)
And I gained one more pound!!!
My bulge is getting bigger and bigger but still not the size that people would notice that I'm pregnant.
I look like I have a chubby stomach... lol

My ultra-sound appointment is in Dec 19, 2011!!
We are so excited to finding out the sex of the baby!!!!!


  1. I wouldn't worry too much on the weight gain, just be sure you are eating healthy and you will eventually start gaining. I actually lost weight until month 8 and my son turned out fine! Have fun on your next appointment should be a good one!

  2. Yeah it's actually 9 full months, so technically 10. But it sounds so much longer when you put it that way. Have you read the book What to Expect When You're Expecting? It's a week by week development book.

  3. Thank you for the visit!

    I can't wait to find out the sex of the baby either!!! How very exciting!


  4. To Wen,
    Thank you for comforting me :)

    To Kitty,
    I don't have the book, but my friend does.
    So every time I visit her I read the book :)

    To Dana,
    Yes!! I cannot wait to share the news!!