Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Turkey leftover meal : Mario Batali's Turkey Tortellini

Since it started, I've been watching the ABC show "The Chew" religiously.
And before Thanksgiving day, they introduced Mario Batali's Turkey Tortellini using leftover turkey.

Of course we had a ton of leftover from Thanksgiving dinner...

So for next lunch which was on Friday and my hubby were off, we made "Turkey Tortellini" that Mario Batali introduced.
   FYI, I love Mario Matali!!

First we made pasta dough with flour, egg, and little bit of water.

***After having made the dough, he decided we need pasta roller that goes to the KitchenAid mixer. And we are planning to get one Dec :)

Anyway, then I cut leftover turkey and stuffing into small pieces and mixed with mush potatoes.
Mario mixed with some hams and something, but we didn't have those fancy stuff, so I just mixed whatever leftover we had...

 Well..it worked :)
Spread bit of water onto the pasta.
Then put just a teaspoon of stuffing onto the pasta, and fold it shaping triangle.
And fold two sides toward the center and stick them together.
.......well I'm not good at explaining thing at all, so you might just want to check the video... here  hahaha....

Use turkey dripping or gravy to make soup... just water down till it tastes your liking.
And cook the pasta until tender.

Well... we handrolled the pasta dough and couldn't rolled it thin enough, the pasta was too thick for my liking.... but tasted excellent!!

Maybe we will be able to make better one next year with pasta roller accessory for KitchenAid.

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  1. Wow, that looks great!! Wonderful idea for left over turkey!

    Thank you for your visit too!!!