Saturday, November 26, 2011

Handmade knit scarf

I'm currently knitting a infinity scarf for my hubby.

I've thought about what I should get him as a Christmas present, and I couldn't come up anything at all.....
Since he has pretty much everything he wants, except expensive ones that I cannot buy without getting his approval.

And as a house wife whose jobs are just cooking and doing laundry, I am free pretty much always except doing those chores and working on my store...which if you don't know already Hee103 Jewelry

In addition to those reasons, we are going to Japan in the coldest time of the year, so I thought he needs scarf to warm him up.

This Simply Soft yarn is so soft!!
I was going to buy some yarn online but I couldn't buy any because I had to feel them.
So I went to Micheal's and got softest yarn I could get.
These are those!
So soft!!

I hope he loves it!!!

Please let me know if you know any other yarns that soft, I wanna make something for my friends and me, too :)


  1. Lucky!! Have fun in Japan! The yarn looks so soft! Do you think it would be hard to knit silk items?

    Anyway, great post! New blogger from bloggers and readers.

  2. I am sure your husband will be thrilled with a beautiful handmade gift! It is much more meaningful than buying something from the store!


  3. To CoffeeBreakCorner and Dana.

    Thank you!
    I hope he will like it ;)

  4. Oh I forgot to answer...
    I don't know I've never used silk for knitting...
    Sorry I couldn't help.