Friday, November 11, 2011

Don't do anything until doctor tell you to do...

Yesterday was my second prenatal visit!!
I was so excited, and my husband came along with me this time hopping he can see our baby.

I had no idea this would be the most embarrassing doctor visit I'd ever done until later...=( ̄□ ̄;)⇒

So they checked my weight....yes, I've lost one pound since last visit.
And we entered a room and a doctor came.
She gave me the result of last blood tests and cervix test.
Then she reached her hand to the small device and ordered me to lay down.
It had been going fine until now.....!!

I was wearing a skirt and just took off my underwear assuming that the doctor would do the same way to do the ultrasound as last time, which she put small stick kind of device into my under part..(sorry I don't want to say v....)

But she just started putting gel onto my tummy and using the small device to listen to the sound.....

Eventually, I didn't have to take off my underwear!!!!  。・゚゚ '゜(*/□\*) '゜゚゚・。
How embarrassing!!!!!
The doctor just said "Oh you don't have to take it off since your baby is now big enough..." with straight face.....
I was just listening the sound of baby beating holding my underwear tight.....

After the visit, my husband laughed out loud saying that was embarrassing and hilarious.
You know what!
Who would know that they don't do the same ultrasound as the first visit!
I was assumed that they would check the inside every visit, you know?
Nobody told me that they do that at only first visit.....
If I would have known it, I didn't have to take off my underwear without the doctor telling me to do so.
I was just trying to be smooth... you know...

I learned that you don't take off your underwear or whatever, until doctor tell you to do so.

I just wanted to share with you guys, my embarrassing story, so that no one would experience the same embarrassing and shameful moment....



  1. Great advice Tomi.

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  2. haha....that is pretty funny. Yeah usually you won't have to take them off again until late in the pregnancy. It's ok, you didn't know:)

  3. No shame! Dr is not worried about that! So happy for you and your husband. Will you come back to Japan for delivery? I just learned of the custom of daughters returning to their mothers home for the birth.