Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hot Pot Party~!

Saturday night, my friends and I had a hot pot party at my friend's house.

Ishigari Nabe ( Ishigari is the the name of the city in Hokkaido, Japan and Nabe is hot pot)
Check here if you want more about Ishigari Nabe!! 

we just cut veggies, variety of mushrooms, fresh salmon, and make broth which is combination of miso paste and sake( Japanese rice wine), dashi stock.
You can make as the directs but you don't really need other ingredient for taste. 
Just miso, sake, and dashi stock will do great!!

I had so much fun cooking and eating, it's a family style dish, you cook all the ingredient in a big pot, and bring it to your dinning table.
And just serve whatever you want to eat for yourself. 
It is supper healthy with a lot of veggies.

It's getting cold and heavy rain made it colder here, in San Diego, so the dish was perfect for us to eat.
The dish warmed me up and filled me up.

That was great hot pot party!!!

Full and happy, 

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  1. When it's chilly and cold, I'm finding I crave a cup of miso and new 'comfort' food. Congratulations on your pregnancy. :) Pam