Wednesday, August 24, 2011


As I browsing through one of my favorite websites, Babble.comI found this article...
Foods to Avoid While Pregnant. (I am really obsessed with getting pregnant, I am not???)

This article lists some foods that pregnant women should avoid...
I was surprised how much foods I should avoid....(well, I am not pregnant...yet, but you know, it's better to prepare early, right?)

I knew we shouldn't eat raw fish when we're pregnant, but I didn't know we should avoid some vegetable too!! I love broccoli and radish!
We, Japanese, use radish (daikon radish) a lot in Japanese food....
And packaged salad??? I like "spring mix" salad package.. I shouldn't eat it?
I can eat it if I wash them really good... right???

I don't know... if these lists are really bad for pregnant women...
Because Japanese eat sushi even though they are pregnant, I've never heard of veggies that should not be eaten.

Being pregnant is more difficult than I thought.
But I'd still love to get pregnant!!! 


  1. I was soooooo sick while I was pregnant that I didnt eat much till I was like 6 months and by then I was happy with any food so the restrictions didnt matter much to me then. Another site I used all the time and still do is Its good for all stages, before, during, and after.

  2. To wdmk..
    Thank you!
    I will check this site out:)

  3. really?! no broccoli! i hadn't heard of that but will for sure check out that article, interesting. There are so many things "they" say you should eat or do while your pregnant. And yes is GREAT!I used it also and still get weekly emails from them.