Friday, August 5, 2011

July Favorite!

  I decide to start blogging about my favorites of the month.

  • First as I blogged this before, candles!!

Caribbean Escape
Seaside Escape
Island Margarita

  • eos lip balm (summer fruit)
smells so good!!!!!
I couldn't believe how good it smelled at first. 
I bought it because almost all beauty gurus in YouTube braved about it. 
I got it at Walmart for about $2-3.
I wanted to get other flavors but all they had was this summer fruit. 

Other flavors: lemon drop, strawberry sorbet, honeysuckle honeydew, medicated tangerine, sweet mint

I love this so much!
Smells sweet and so good!
I use this every night to exfoliate my face and exfoliate my body sometimes. 
It moisturize and smooths my skin so good.
I was surprised by the geneo amount I get. It is so generous amount!
*sorry, the sticker on the jar is pealing off... looks messy...

It's about the owl whose name is Wesley and his girl (author and biologist).
It is beautiful, funny, fascinating, and heart warming story.
I never thought owls are capable of communicating humans. 

This is a love story of the owl and Stacy. 


  1. Love EOS lip balms!

    Thank you for following me, I really like your blog & of course am following you back :)

  2. I love EOS lip balm and the candles from Bath & Body Works!! Thanks so much for subscribing!! I hope we can follow each other on twitter too :)

    XO Danielle