Saturday, August 6, 2011

It's still summer!!

It's been really really hot today in San Diego.
It was cool this morning, so I felt like fall is coming soon.
But it is HOT!!

So I made this treasury~~!
"It is still summer~~!" <-- click here for original treasury:)


  1. Yes it's still summer for the treasury! But I know what you mean. I am in Sacramento and it has been cool in the mornings the last few days but then really warms up, so I can feel it changing also. It's only suppose to be in the high 80's for the next few days. I can finally follow you now. The last few times I have checked out your blog for whatever reason the follow button wasn't there, maybe it was just me but glad it's working now. Enjoy your sunday!

  2. Beautiful! Love those little coasters! SOOOOO cute

  3. I love all the happy photos! Beautiful treasury.

  4. What a beautiful selection for the treasury!