Sunday, May 11, 2014

How I store Swarovski Products

I'm not a neat type of person, but it is so easy to get inspired if everything is organized and easy to see.
So I was determined to organize my jewelry making tools and materials.

Here is the first of many to come organization projects.
The organization for Swarovski elements which are my favorite materials to use.

Here is the before....

I can hardly see what I have....

here is the after....

Neatly organized. 
I used this small plastic boxes from this seller, Watchmaterial on

And I love them!!!
They are perfect for small beads, crystals, parts and any small stuff.
They are clear so you can easily see what's inside and stay organize all your beads.
The seller is in California so they shipped them to me so quick; I only waited for a couple of days.

The boxes are probably great for other small stuff too, like earrings, rings....
Here is what I used to organize my beads and parts.

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