Sunday, May 4, 2014

My second pregnancy:

I haven't post any of my second pregnant diary at all.
Maybe because I had been through this once before and I didn't feel like I had to write about it or just simply being lazy...

But I realized how nice to keep track of what is going on my body and how is my little baby inside of me doing.
Because no matter how precious this event is, and no matter how hard I try to remember all of it, I will eventually forget some of it if not all.

Baby about 19 weeks
It's a girl!!!

23 weeks of pregnancy (baby weighs as much as a large mango)

26 weeks of pregnancy (Baby is the length of a green onion)
27 weeks of pregnancy (Baby is the size of a head of cauliflower)
 30 weeks of pregnancy
(The baby weighs as much as a cabbage)
Ken wanted to be in the
Again, Ken needs to be in the
 31 weeks of pregnancy
(Baby weighs as much as a coconut)

 34 weeks of pregnancy
(Baby is the size of a cantaloupe melon)

Little Emma!!! (35 weeks)
Well, actually she is pretty big right now. 
According to an ultrasound, she is over 5 lb already. 
And during last month, baby tend to gain 0.5 lb a week. 
That means she is going to be over 7 lb baby!!!!
**Ken (our first kid) was born with 6 lb 8oz. 
She is so pretty!!! 
I cannot wait to meet her :)

 36 weeks of pregnancy
(Baby is about as long as a romaine lettuce)

So far, I've gained 26 pounds.
One more month to go!!

Compare to first pregnancy, I feel like I've gotten big quicker and bigger. 
I guess that is normal for most women, our tummies get big quicker and bigger. 
Here is the comparison with this pregnancy and my first pregnancy picture. 
Both are 36 weeks of pregnancy
My First Pregnancy 2012
This pregnancy 2014
It does look bigger than first pregnancy tummy :)

The last pregnancy, I walked for about 40 mins twice everyday trying to keep in shape, 
whereas, this pregnancy I've been kind of lazy...
however I've been doing some maternity cardio and weight workout using youtube.

Those are the main workouts I usually do but not everyday though...

I'm getting some Braxton Hicks contractions (practice contractions) which I didn't feel on my first pregnancy at all.
My cervix hasn't opened yet. so I don't think I will go to labor anytime soon. 
But after 36 weeks, you can go into labor anytime and babies are considered full term.
Well, I am sure she won't come out anytime soon but at least I want her to wait till we have Ken's birthday party on next weekend. 

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