Saturday, May 5, 2012

Wedding Dress Ideas

My husband and I are planning our wedding a little by little now.
And I am looking for a wedding dress for my self and brides made dress.

The all dresses are from the website
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I didn't know wedding dresses are that cheap... well it's not cheap but if you want to buy it in Japan, they are really really expensive!!!

Here are some that I think they are cute....

  I don't usually like tube top style,
  because I might not feel comfortable....
 Whenever I wear tube top tops, it goes down and I need to pull it up in place...

But these no-strap-dresses are cute.

     Since it has one shoulder strap, I might feel more comfortable to wear this than regular no-strap-dress.

Well, maybe this might be for younger brides...though...

This is elegant but simple.
I don't usually see people wear this style... but I like it.

 Simple is the best!!

Elegant and simple look.
I like the subtle flowers on the back.                                                           


Lots of pictures......
I cannot decide which or what kind of dress I want to wear....
I bet it's different just looking at pictures from actually wearing them, huh?

I originally liked simple - no embroidery, no decoration type of dress but, as I looked through the website, my preferences has changed a little.
Now I don't mind the subtle decorations on the dresses.

I hope I can find my perfect dress..... even though I have no idea what my perfect dress looks

188402_120x90 Wedding Banner

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