Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Pregnancy 37 weeks

I am starting to blog about my pregnancy week by week, since I can go to a labor anytime now.

36 weeks of Pregnancy 

 For the reference of how big my tummy got.... 
                                               here is the photo from last week

37 weeks of pregnancy
37 weeks: Weird... my tummy seems got smaller....lol
I went to a prenatal visit and doctor measured my belly length, and it was 33 cm....
 When I was 32 weeks of pregnant, my tummy was also 33 cm....
 I am sure my tummy got way bigger than when I was 32 weeks pregnant, and I can feel my baby is bigger too, but the doctor want to make sure that baby is growing, she suggest to do ultrasound again.
 So, I made an appointment for the ultrasound on next week.
  Fortunately I get to see my baby through ultrasound again!!
Hopefully, he is growing.
well, I'm sure he is because my skin hurts because he's getting bigger and stretching my tummy.

My husband and I finally finished preparing stuff that our baby and we need after he's born; we installed two car seats in my husband's car and mine, made his bed and changing table, washed all his clothes and cloth diapers (even though we decided to use disposable diaper for a first few weeks, since baby poops
tart like substances called meconium which is hard to get rid of, and we want to wait for umbilical cord to fall off before switching to cloth diapers)
We assembled a stroller and play pen for a living room.

This is what we got in Orange and Gray.
We love it so much, so easy to maneuver, and one hand fold, and light weight.

And play yard fro Graco.
We love it too. It's also light weight and easy to pack for a travel.

We cannot wait to use them!!

I also packed a bag for the hospital for both baby and me, my husband still need to pack some of his stuff which are clothes, snack, camera and so on...
I am so excited!!!

We haven't gotten a pediatrician for our baby yet though...
Should we have it before he is born??


  1. We had our pediatrician before we had our son. Im glad we did because he made rounds and checked him out right after he was born, which was very nice.

  2. Almost there! Hope everything goes well at the ultrasound appointment.

  3. To Wen,
    We got some referral from my Obgym, but the nearest one has such bad reviews... We will continue look for one for my baby.

    TO Jessica,
    Thank you!!