Thursday, May 3, 2012

Birthday Dinner @ Aqua

Last Sunday, April 29, was my 30th birthday.
So my husband took me to the restaurant Aqua inside the Hilton Hotels & Resorts in San Diego.

We've been there before for a restaurant week.
And we loved their appetizer.

Their foods are pricey side, so we had decided to go there for my birthday long time ago.
Because it's not like we can afford eating out fancy food every month, plus, once our baby's born, we might not have time or budget to eat expensive meals.

I was so excited!!

This is their dinner menu.--> Aqua Dinner Menu 

From the first course, we got "Three Prosciuttos" for my husband, and "Tomatoes and mozzarella caprese" ,which isn't on the menu online, for me.
Sorry, the quality of this picture sucks... I used my husband's phone.
My husband loved it!!
I liked it too.
Isn't it pretty??
I love the caprese!!!
My husband doesn't like tomato, but he liked it too!
Love the sauce and balsamic vinaigrette reduction sauce!!!!
Second course, we got "Mizuna and Frisee Salad" for him and "Seared DIver Scallops" for me.
This was so light and clean salad with crunchy and juicy pear and balsamic vinaigrette.

This was good too.
Scallops are tender and moist, and sauce with mushrooms and truffle essence was not salty and great!

Third course, we picked "Loin of Venison" for him, and "Grilled Hawaiian Swordfish" for me.
I wanted to get "Wiled and Exotic Mushroom Basmati Risotto" from the online menu, but they didn't have it on the actual menu. So I got fish with risotto.
Venison was great!!
If you got cheap and not-good-venison, it usually leaves gaminess, but I didn't get any gaminess at all!!
The sauce was great too. 

The fish was soooooo tender!!!!! 
So SOFT that it melt in my mouth!! 
I was surprised.
My husband was shocked how tender it is.
And the risotto was good too, the light lemony fresh taste that went well with other ingredients.

And we got chocolate desert that we forgot to take a picture of...
But that was good too, I think it's called "Chocolate Pyramid" which was chocolate mousse with caramel sauce or mousse in the middle. 
I wish I could have had it with espresso coffee..... (maybe next year when I finish breastfeeding my-soon-to-be-born-baby)

I highly recommend this restaurant!!
It's hidden inside the Hilton Hotel & Resorts in San Diego ...mission bay area.
The waiter said not many locals come there... 

Please check it out!!
It would be nicer if you go in the warmer day so that you can sit outside looking out mission bay.

When we went, it was pretty cold that we needed to sit inside...still good ambiance though...   


  1. Belated Happy Birthday. Sounds like you had a wonderful time and yummmm food. Have a great year!

  2. Happy belated birthday!!! Looks and sounds like you had a nice evening. What a nice little treat for the two of you:)

  3. TO Handmade Cuties,
    Thank you so much!!

    To Jessica,
    Thank you so much!
    It was really nice treat for us:)