Saturday, April 7, 2012

My husband's baby car got hit!!!!

So last Friday night, well, Saturday morning precisely ( because it happened around 1:30 AM on Saturday), I was still up working on my jewelry, and I heard honk and a loud screeching sound followed by something crushed!!

I looked outside from a window upstairs, and saw a car stopped in the middle of the road the driver trying to start the engine in front of my house.
Then I saw my husband's car was crushed!!!

I jumped up and went to wake up my husband who was dead sleeping ( he didn't hear the loud noise!! )
We ran downstairs and out to the outside.

It was a horrible crush.

My husband loved the car taking great care of it.
He always said that someday, he will pass this car along to our baby boy as his first car....
That will never happen anymore...

The driver said bunnies caused this accident, I just glad the driver didn't get hurt,
but my husband just lost his beloved car that he truly thought it was his baby.....

The neighbors who were woken by the sounds complained that the people drive so fast on the neighbor in the middle of the night.
If only he didn't drive faster than he was supposed to, this could have been avoided...

We are just sad to loose the car that our-soon-to-be-born-baby could have been driving in the future....


  1. I'm sorry about what happened to your car, Hitomi - what an awful sight, indeed. Let's just look at the brighter side of the picture: that the three of you weren't in the car when it all happened. And the driver didn't run away from his responsibility. The car may be shattered, but the future car of the baby is not. So, does your husband plan on repairing the car? Or does he plan on buying another one?

  2. Rita was right. Thank goodness you were not in the car when the accident happened! The front of the vehicle was wrecked badly. The impact must be massive to cause such damage. Well, I think the car was beyond repair. I hope you have a new car by now, and that your insurance was of great help to you. Have you tried consulting an attorney about this case?

  3. Whoa, that’s quite a smash! How’s it going now? I’ve experienced it once, and it’s really a devastating feeling. The damage was too much to bear, so we immediately seek for legal counsel. Luckily, we got the other party’s plate number, so we didn’t have a hard time pursuing the case.

  4. Like what Rita and Raleigh said, at least no one was in the car when the accident happened. It’s easier to fix a car than to heal wounds! Even if you have car insurance, I doubt it if the damage can still be repaired. You really need to seek legal advice for what had happened to your car.

    -Amy Baron