Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Pregnancy 33~36 weeks

My 8 months of pregnancy has passed.
My pregnancy had been pretty easy, but this month was not as easy, rather it was challenging. 

33 weeks of pregnancy
33 weeks: My right side of rib and same spot of back aches had started.
I felt pains on my ribs before every time my baby kicked there or moved around there before, but this pain was different. 
Pain happened to me constantly if not all the time. 
First I thought the right-upper-back-pain was because of my slightly hunchbacked posture, but no matter what I did, it didn't go away. 
So I researched it, and found out that some pregnant women have those troubles. 
Some say that the pain is from the ribs ,that are pushed by the baby or uterus, touching nerve between them. 
That kind of makes sense, because the pain is always same spot, and I always feel my uterus pushing only on my right side. 

34 weeks of pregnancy
34 weeks: I still felt the pains, but since I couldn't do anything about it I stopped thinking about it. 
I had a prenatal visit, and the doctor assured me that I'm in a healthy pregnancy and doing great. 
My baby's heart beats sounded healthy, and he is in a right position ( his head down).
 We bought Ford Focus 2012 since my husband's baby car which was parked on the street was crushed by another car. <-- more detail HERE
  I like the car.  Great for commute and family with baby, spacious and energy efficient.

35 weeks of pregnancy
35 weeks: Last week of 8th month of pregnancy.
More complains this week..
Back and ribs pains are worse than before. And it's getting hard to clean myself after the 
I cannot sleep in one position for a long time, because my back will be aching after a while. I need to toss and turn a lot. I cannot find the comfortable way of sleeping.

36 weeks: Now I'm in 9th month of pregnancy. Finally!!!
 4 more weeks to go! I've started packing a bag for the labor.
And I went to babiesrus to get some more stuff for the baby, so we get really ready for our baby to come.

We still need to install baby car seats though...
maybe next weekend.

In this month, I gained about 2.5 pounds, and I've gained about 21 pounds since I got pregnant.

****Okay, just like Jessica from TheCrazyChaoticHouse commented (Thank you Jessica!) on my last pregnancy blog, my tummy is getting bigger and bigger... and sometimes it hurts especially right after I had  big meals.. (my skin is screaming saying "eat no more!! I cannot stretch anymore!!!"

Yes!! few more weeks and we get to see our baby!!!
How exciting is that!!!!??????


  1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!
    Congratulations on your upcoming birth! How exciting! You are almost there!

  2.'re almost exciting! Thank you for stopping by my blog. Take care of yourself.

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog!
    You'll see your baby very soon - how exciting! Babies grow so quickly, so enjoy every moment!

  4. Haha....I know that feeling:)) Somedays I can eat more than other days. But I can't eat as much as I did before. I have been eating smaller meals and more snacks in between. You have such a cute little round tummy. Its Getting closer and closer.

  5. You’re definitely not alone going through all those stuff, Hitomi! In fact, every woman who has gone through pregnancy can empathize with your experiences. Yes, you may suffer physical pains from your back to your joints, but all those are nothing the moment you see your baby. Better yet, the soft cry and chuckle from your baby are certainly more than enough to prove you that he/she is worth all the pains in the end. That’s the price of being a mother. Congratulations! ;)