Monday, March 26, 2012

My Pregnancy 29 ~ 32 weeks

29 weeks of pregnancy 
29 weeks: I continuously try to exercise as much as possible.

30 weeks: Nothing dramatically happened.
Just prenatal visits became once in two weeks.
And the ob/gym told me my baby might not be in the head-down-position yet.
 She assured me that it's not a problem at all now, since the baby still has more room to flip over quite a lot.

31 weeks: Baby's movements  hurt me, since he is big and there is not much  fluid to compensate his kicks and punches. I can only guess it's going to be stronger as he gets bigger.

32 weeks of pregnancy
32 weeks: I found out that he tends to move in my right side of body. He often kicks on my right side of ribs that hurts so much. But this is a happy pain :)
I went to the prenatal visits and ob/gym told me that he is now in a right position.
She told me I'm doing really really great and having a healthy pregnancy.

My husband and I went to a hospital tour for labor preparation. I will go labor in Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women & Newborn. The building is being renewed and it looks really clean and new.
I feel like I would be comfortable giving birth to my baby there.

Our baby shower!!

I had so much fun at our baby shower.
My husband and I are blessed to have such wonderful friends and families.

Within this month I gained 2.5 pounds, and overall I've gained about 19 pounds so far.

**They say last two months, baby will get double the size.
I'm so excited to experience my baby grow at the same time, I'm kind of scared to get my tummy bigger since it's already pretty big and I cannot imagine it to be

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  1. Just wait....your belly is going to get lots bigger:)) you look great...perfect little round bump.