Sunday, March 4, 2012

My baby dog got neutered...

We took him to a vet yesterday to get him neutered.

Last night, it was so painful to see him druggy and tired...
He couldn't walk nor stand for more than a minute..
He vomited more than 5 times throughout the night.
I was little bit worried, but found out that is the one of the side effects of anesthesia.

In this morning, I tried to feed him regular puppy food, but he couldn't chew them.
So I softened them with water, and he finally started eating them.... little by little though.

Now, after almost a day since he got neutered, he looks better.
I hope he will get better soon.
He has to wear this Elizabeth collar for 2 weeks, I have no doubt that he will become hating it as soon as he gets better....

I'm glad there was nothing bad happened during the operation, and he is getting better so far.

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  1. Hey Hitomi! I work at an Animal hospital!
    I'm glad you got your dog neutered, even though it's tough for you to see him sick right now, you did the right thing!
    There are way too many accidental pet pregnancies, and it leaves so many animals without homes!
    Getting your animals spayed and neutered also prevents health problems later in their life.
    Your puppy is adorable! They like to take those collars and run into the back of your legs with them, so watch out! lol
    Hope he's doing better!