Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Pregnancy 25~28 weeks

I forgot to update my pregnancy.....
To tell the truth, I'm now in 29th week of pregnancy...

But I still want to go over the last month of pregnancy.

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25th week, I was in Japan with my husband to see my families and friends.
I saw many of my mommy friends and meet their babies and kids. I had so much fun. I couldn't help imagining what would be like in a few month when my baby boy is born.

26th week, I went to a hospital in Japan to get my prenatal check up. 
You know what, in Japan, they say that pregnant women should gain only between about 15lb to 22lb.
By then I'd gained 16~17 lb (yes, I gained over 5 lb in this trip (for only 2 weeks...)), the Japanese ob-gym told me I'd gained too much that I only should gain the weights of baby from now on.
I could tell that my tummy got bigger in this trip, because the shirt I wore at the first day of the trip couldn't fit me anymore after 2 weeks...)  

27th week, I took 2nd glucose tolerance test, and I barely passed it!! YES!!!
My routine went back to normal, and started walking again.
Soon I lost 2 lb within a few days.

28th week, YAY, I'm finally in third trimester!!!
I still exercise everyday, taking my dog for a walk for 30 to 40 mins, and walk on a tread mil for over 40 mins every night.
I don't wanna be out of shape just because I'm pregnant.
Of course I don't have as much muscle as I did before, but I still try not to get any excess fat on my body.
And I hope I will have easier labor by exercising.

I gained 4~5 pounds this month.  
I've gained 16 pounds since I've conceived my baby boy so far.

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