Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mister Donuts!!

Mister Donut is my favorite donuts place in Japan.
My husband and I love french crullers and mister Donut has the BEST crullers as least for me.

Little bit of information about mister Donut.
It started in US but after being bought by another company, most of the shops became Dunkin' Donuts.
(That I didn't know... )
Today, main market is Japan, and also you can find them in Taiwan, South Korea, China, and few other countries.

When I lived in Japan, I often went there to hang out with my friends and eat some donuts and drink some tea or coffee.

Of course every time I go to Japan, I go there and buy some donuts.

When my husband and I visited Japan, I took him there.
Of course we ordered some crullers with REAL chocolate frosting which is called "Angel French".

They are having 100 Yen a donut sale, usually around 120 yen.

It has custard cream inside and the cream is not too sweet.

The dough is so fluffy and cream is perfectly sweet, and the frosting is the heaven!!
I've never encountered donuts that had real chocolate ganache frosting here, in US.
All of the donuts places I've ever been to use sugar tasted chocolate..which I call fake chocolate... for frosting.

I wish we have some mister Donut here, in San Diego...

If you ever have chance to go to Japan or other Asian countries, please try this place :)

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