Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I'm back on blogging!!

I'd been MIA for a while.... I don't know why.
I would say I haven been busy....????? or lazy...??

Last time I blogged about the Japan trip which was 10 months ago... almost a year.
So little update on my life:

*We moved out of my husband's parents' house in July last year and now we live in an 1 bed room apartment temporarily until we are ready to get our own house which will be close!!!
   How exciting!!

*We went to Hawaii for a week with our Hawaiian couple.
  That was all of us's first Hawaii trip. We had so much fun.
  Watching our son, Ken, having so much fun was the best thing ever :)


*We found out that we were pregnant for a second baby!!!!
  And in a nut shell, it's a GIRL!!!!
  We are so excited!!!!
   (I'm now 26 weeks pregnant.)

*Our precious son, Ken is growing so fast.
   He can now say some words. And he understands pretty well in Japanese, English, and probably Vietnamese.

*I've taken a break on making jewelry for a while since we started living in a small apartment; I don't have room to make jewelry. My store on Etsy is still open though...
 I hope I can start making jewelry again soon.

*I'm still go to online school. Hopefully I can graduate this year.

That pretty much sums up my life since I stopped blogging.

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