Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ken is 4 month old!!

Now Ken is 4 month old!!

He has started rolling over... Check this video --> here
talks, smiles and laugh a lot more. Check this video -->here

He weighs 13 lb 10 oz  (10 percentile)
His height : 25 inch (33 percentile)
His head circumference : 42 cm (54 percentile)

He is still light, but he got a big-o-head..lol
His daddy says,,"That's my boy!!"

He drools a LOT!! 
within an hour his bib gets soaked in wet.
His pediatrician said he's teething. 

He can play with toys now...well he likes to play with bibs and blankets more though...
Hehehe, he looks like he is winking ;)

I thought he started sleeping longer, at some point, he slept for 6 hours at night.
But now, he wakes up every two to three hours....

The pediatrician said he should be able to sleep through the night by now.

His advice:
Not feed him when he wakes up at night even he cries
   *He only drinks for a few minutes during the time. That means he is not hungry...
Just sooth him until he sleeps.
He will cry for a first couple of nights but he will eventually learn to sleep through.

Until now he started fussing at night, I tried to wait to see he would go back to sleep.
But if he kept fussing, I just pick him up and fed him, because I didn't want to wake my husband up by letting Ken crying.
But I need to condition him from now on for him and myself too.

We have a problem with bottle feeding him, because I changed to 100% breastfeeding him since my mastitis and cut got heeled.
He sometimes doesn't want a bottle from someone other than mommy.
 But I cannot always be there to feed him, we decided that daddy feeds him during the night. 
So that he knows that everyone can be a "mommy" to feed him.

He is a happy boy.
 And we try to get him socialized as much as possible letting people hold him.
I don't want him to be a shy "daddy's boy" or "mommy's boy"
He is pretty good at socializing.
He loves everyone. 

This is Ken a month ago
I missed his messy long hair...

Ken - NOW - 4 month old
He looks more like a boy than a baby.

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