Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy Two Month Old!!

Ken is now TWO-MONTH-OLD!
Time flies!

Here is the Ken when he came home for the first time in his life.
Ken 0 month old.(3-days-old)
He was born with 6 lb 8oz.
The newborn clothes that he was wearing was still big for him.
The waist of the pants was big that they didn't stay....

Now he is two-month-old.

To compare the big difference, I put the same clothes on him.
Look at his big tummy!!
How cute :)  

His legs are too long for this pants that he wears them as if they are low-rise pants....he knows fashion huh? lol

He is now about 12 lb.

If he wears cloth diaper, newborn clothes don't fit anymore.
  (Since I was washing all of cloth diapers, I used disposable one)
How sad...... I loved all of his newborn clothes.......

But my mother-in-law and I got a lot of 3-6 month clothes.
My mother-in-law likes to buy clothes for her little grandson a lot that she got clothe for 12-month..... lol

I got 6 onesies for Ken for cheap from Babiesrus because they were having July 4th Sale.
Good Buy!!  

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  1. I am so glad you stopped by to visit!!

    I have been swamped with wedding orders and have not even had time to check out the blogs....
    I can't believe your handsome babyKen is two mths old!!!! What a wonderful and sweet baby!!!