Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What a cute shop!

My husband ( I've still not been used to calling him "my husband"...) found this site, Upon a fold, and recommended me of their tapehook for my jewelry decoration, because I've been thinking how I should storage my jewelry.

As soon as I opened this site, I was "awww"ing...because the shop is so cute, isn't it??
The owner is Australian couple who love great paper artistry from all over the world.

Here is what I want...tapehook!!

What a great idea!!
They are made in Japan and made of tracing paper that can hold up to 50g, which is approximately 1.8 oz.
They are great to hang keys, stationary, jewelry, and so on that are clustered on my desk.....
Beige/Blue/Pink combination is sadly sold out now but I hope they stuck them up soon!!

Other goodies!!


  1. sso many nice things!

    Join my first international giveaway - CK parfume!!

  2. Interesting! I like Airvase the most!