Monday, September 26, 2011

Eco Emi Box: September

I just got September Eco Emi Box by mail!
I'm so excited!!

Eco-Emi, a lot of people probably know what it is though..., is a monthly subscription service that send you natural, organic, green products. It is designed to give us opportunity to try Eco friendly products.

Anyway, this month I got 9 eco friendly products.
*Organic Milk and Oat Bath by Aura Cacia
  "These bath salts are so wonderful, they make you feel and smell so yummy! Skin-nourishing organic milk powder and skin-calming organic whole-grain oat powder combine with pure organic lavender, helichrysum and lemon balm essential oils to give you a complete aromatherapy skin relief experience."
****Too bad I cannot take a bath at home right now, but maybe I'll bring it to Japan and use it at my house in Japan next year.

*Organic Kisses Lip Gloss by Juice Beauty
    "This gloss will give your lips the most brilliant shine on earth. They combination of antioxidant-rich berries, minerals and sweet agave will wrap your lips in radiant color."
****I tested this and smelled sweet and feels great. It has tiny gritters in it and shinny, not too sticky :)
 What I got is in Champagne.

*Organic Eye shadow in Sandalwood by Lauren Brooke 
     "It's a neutral shade that can be worn as a natural all-over color for lightest skin tones, a darker contour shade for medium skin, or used as a highlighter for darker skin types. It contains certified organic Olive, Neem, and Raspberry extracts to nourish, protect, and soothe the delicate skin around your eyes."
****I personally don't like powder eye shadow because it can be messy to apply. But I will give it a try.

*Organic perfume in "Enchant" by Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques
    "It is based in 100% Certified Organic Jojoba Oil. The scent contains a blend of warm, spicy essential oils including allspice nutmeg, Cinnamon and cassia infused with a hint of certified organic vanilla.
****I can definitely catch the spices but I'm not fond of this. For me it smells like incense that my grandma will use, if you are Asian or from Buddhist family, you would probably know what I'm talking about.

 *Organic Lip balm by Bubble and Bee
     "Made with nothing but the best organic ingredients and simply put "No Bad Stuff" It goes on buttery smooth and are a fantastic moisturizing balm to have on hand as we get into the cooler months."
****I love this lip balm!! It smells so yummy!!!! And it makes my lips so moisturize and smooth! I will probably buy it after I'm done with this.

*100% Pure Raw Unprocessed Honey by Honey Pax
    "Honey Pax is all about delivering the very best Tupelo honey in the most convenient and green way while retaining all the beneficial nutrients pure, raw honey provides. Honey packs come in unique packets made from 100% post consumer recycled unbleached paper, printed with 100% water-soluble ink, and filled at an environmentally conscious, carbon-neutral facility."
****Too bad, for me being pregnant, I cannot eat raw honey since it has not been pasteurized. But I will wait until I'm done breastfeeding and try it!

*Organic Tea by Mighty Leaf Tea Co. 
    "They are so healthy for you and very delicious. Mighty Leaf is a fantastic brad that promotes and encourages sustainable farming and production methods for tea-growing regions around the world through corporate partnerships and sourcing practices."

  • Organic Spring Jasmine-"made of smooth China green tea leaves naturally scented by layers of Arabian jasmine buds. With an intoxicating aroma and a piquant yet rounded cup, organic Spring Jasmine is  a twist on a Chinese classic."
  • Organic Breakfast-"blended with black tea from Southern India, this tea is a robust, wide-awake classic English Breakfast tea that is serene contemplation from dawn to dusk"
  • Organic African Nectar-"Rooibos, also known as Red Tea, is an herbal plant from South Africa. This is a caffeine-free African Nectar Rooibos blend teeming with tropical fruit and blossoms. Rich in anti-oxidants, it promotes calm and relaxation."

****I can only try Organic African nectar since it is caffeine-free. But I will try others after I will be done breastfeeding:)

*Minteas in "Retreat" by Tea Forte
    "Yummy flavors of wildcrafted lemongrass, comforting citrus of Japanese yuzu and soothing chamomile create a taste of balance and well being. Minteas are all crafted with organic teas, fruits and herbs."
****I tried one and I liked the taste of it, it might be good for soothing morning sickness.

*Vegetable Shell Pasta by Eden Organic
    "These Small pasta shells are made with beets, spinach, carrot and golden grain, all organically grown & crafted at the Eden Organic Past Company on vintage Italian equipment. This pasta is a staple in any kitchen. Great in salads and soups. Packaged in a reclosable, recycled and recyclable box with a tasty recipe on the back."
****I cannot wait to try this out! I will make soup with this :)

I'm so satisfied this month Eco-Emi box!!

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  1. I had not heard of this, it sounds great. I must check it out! Thanks for sharing!