Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Blogvember Day 6: Kuro got sick

Kuro got sick.

He has been vomiting for more than a day.
And he tries to hide from something... by going to behind the couch under the desk.

It happened before but it seems to be worse this time.
So I took him to a veterinary.
The vet took a x-ray and blood to make sure nothing is stuck in his stomach and he didn't eat something toxic.

The result...
Well, she couldn't find anything obvious.
So she concluded that Kuro ate something that upset his stomach.

She gave him anti vomiting and a shot for dehydration.

Now he looks better and hungry... since he hasn't eaten for more than 2days..

We started with a little bit of baby food which the vet recommended and he loves so much.

I am so glad that it was nothing serious.

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