Wednesday, August 22, 2012

He is 3 month old!!

He is now 3 and half months old to be precise. 

It seems this three months past quick, but at the same time, I feel like it's been more than three months...
Because I had some problems on the way, like mastitis, ken's jaundice, eye infections....

Now everything seems going fine. 
I finally feel comfortable breastfeeding him after 2 and half months of struggle...

He's getting bigger and bigger, AND cuter and cuter... :)
He is now able to identify his daddy and mommy. 
And he knows that I'm the one who give him milk....
I know it because when he is fussy and hungry, as soon as he finds me, stares me and if I don't do anything, he starts crying for milk.

Every time he does this, I'm filled with happiness that I am his mom that I am needed.

He started talking... well cooing, gooing, and ahhhing... not really talking.. and smiles a lot.

His smile melts my heart.. 

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